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AUG 2015

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AUTOMATIC MERCHANDISER EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Anant Agrawal Cantaloupe Systems Brad Ellis Crane Co. Carl Moser Cardinal Canteen Food Service Chuck Reed Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) Elyssa Allahyar-Steiner Avanti Markets Inc. Jeff Whitacre Food Express Jim Carbone The Classic Group/Chicago Coffees & Teas Jodi Glimpse Camelback Vending Joe Hessling 365 Retail Markets Lee Hartnett Commercial Coffee Service/ Food Systems Inc. Michael Miller Mondelez International Paresh Patel PayRange Paul Schlossberg D/FW Consulting Sandy Thornton VendEdge The Illusion Of Security Locks do keep people out, most of the time. THEFT can happen to anyone, anytime. Facebook/VendingMarket @VendingMagazine can honestly say when I started working on this issue of Automatic Merchandiser, I was happily naive. Each night I'd lock my house doors secure in the knowledge that it would be dif- fcult or nearly impossible for anyone to overcome those locks without a key. Oh, how ignorant I was. As I did research and interviewed lock manu- facturers, it became clear just how easy it would be to break into my home. Potential thieves need only snap a picture of the front and back of my house key, then send those photos away to a Website offer- ing key production with a 3D printer. I found a video describing how to make and use something called a bump key, which could also be named a skeleton key because it allows entry into any standard door lock that uses a fat key. I began feeling a bit paranoid. I started think- ing about what was in my house — What do I have that would motivate some- one to break-in? Not a great deal. However, that is not the case for vending operators. There are hundreds of dollars in each vending machine with countless assets in the warehouse, trucks and offces. Vending machines at least have an advantage. Most operators install tubular locks, which make it more diffcult to reproduce a key using photographs. Reasonable security Vandalism and theft continue to be issues and the Internet's endless "how to" videos and arti- cles make it even easier to learn how to overcome any lock. What then is the answer? I'm not sure there is one. Acceptance, maybe. It's important, however, to buy quality locks and stay vigilant to protect yourself as much as you can. Practice other security tips as well, many of which are discussed in the article on page 12. Beyond that, know that theft might hap- pen at any time. It's a fact of life. However, you never have to be a victim without a course of action. Once you identify a problem or potential problem, it's time to contact a security profes- sional and see what kind of enhanced lock they can offer in order to address the specifc issue. It might be a drill resistant lock face or electronic lock that denies entry after a certain point in time. There are lots of options out there, for vending machines as well as other facilities. I really had to come to terms with my illusion of security — something operators must do as well. We are only as secure as the locks we use make us feel and the honesty of the people that surround us. Vending crime continues to happen, but luckily locks continue to evolve to thwart these attacks. Correction: On another note, there has been a correction for chart 14B within the 2015 State of the Vending Industry Report from the June issue. The numbers for the chocolate share change as well as the cookies/crackers % of sales were incorrect. We apolo- gize for any inconvenience this error caused. The digi- tal edition on is correct. I Tubular locks add an extra layer of security over flat keys. 4 Automatic Merchandiser August 2015 E D I T O R ' S N O T E B Y E M I L Y R E F E R M A T

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