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AUG 2015

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A d v e r t o r i A l | C o m p a n y p r o f i l e Crane Payment innovations (Cpi) is a global leader for currency validation in the unattended retail space, processing over 4 billion transactions per day. Cpi engineers a broad range of note and coin handling devices, along with cashless clear- ing, wireless telemetry systems, and operations management software. The company is built upon the technologi- cal heritage and expertise of the nri, CashCode, Telequip, money Controls and, most recently, mei and Conlux brands. it was formed in December 2013 when Crane Co. acquired mei merging it with the payment Solutions division of their payment & merchan- dising Technologies business. Cpi and Crane merchandising Sys- tems now operate independently under the same corporate umbrella, with Cpi's core business centering around fve primary global industries – finan- cial Services, Gaming, retail, Trans- port and, of course, Vending. immediately after the birth of Cpi, the Vending industry experienced change. operators in the U.S. market were demonstrating a clear preference for mei and Conlux payment systems. To meet their demands, Cpi ceased domestic distribution of Currenza prod- ucts, where demand was falling, and dedicated additional resources to the production of the favored mei brands. With the creation of Cpi, we have also opened up an additional distribu- tion channel, beyond our existing Dis- tributors and oem partners, allowing our customers to obtain mei payment systems through Crane merchandising Systems. as a result, we can now serve our customers in more ways than ever before. from an internal perspective, we continue our extensive work to be able to serve our customers with a sin - gle voice. We are aligning our organiza- tions, systems and facilities such that we can maximize our ability to serve all customers across our markets. This is just some of the progress Cpi has made to integrate and capitalize on the synergies of our businesses. Today, we continue to identify ways to help our customers become more proftable and effcient. The word "innovation" is part of the Cpi name for good reason. not only do we leverage a rich history of pat- ent generation, but we're willing to make the investment in research and develop- ment to deliver new breakthrough solu- tions. our experience, new resources, dedicated customer focus and breadth of expertise will continue to expand the value operators can receive from their payment systems. The collective Cpi team, particu- larly Cpi Vending, is a source of great knowledge on changing technology, yet also possesses a tenured badge of experience to speak from. We are known to sit on industry panels and governing boards, pen articles and blogs, all to help lead change and educate. We take pride in our strong customer focus and marry that dedica- tion into our product inception all the way through our after-market support. Ultimately, our rich history is a barometer for our future. Cpi has earned its position as the Vending industry's premier payment system pro- vider, evidenced in our vast number of global technology deployments. from a connectivity perspective, there are over 150,000 telemeters and 175,000 cashless readers online, including 40,000+ emV bezels and 370,000 eaSiTraX managed machines. This accomplishment is further com- pounded by mei Vending sales of 3.5 million note acceptors, 1.5 million coin managers and 50,000+ note recyclers- proving that operators can continue to count on Cpi for relevant, reliable tech- nology that enables greater proftability. Cpi is a division of Crane Co., a diversifed manufacturer of engi- neered industrial products. Crane Co. is traded on the new york Stock exchange (nySe:Cr). Contact us today at 1-800-345-8215 Leader in Currency Validation Providing connectivity across the globe CPi Corporate office (lobby)- Malvern, Pennsylvania USA 26 automatic merchandiser august 2015

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