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AUG 2015

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A d v e r t o r i A l | C o m p a n y p r o f i l e Security FirSt. if you have ever had your wallet stolen, your car vandalized, or been a victim of any kind of theft, you know the impor- tance of protecting your valuables. When it comes to your business and running an effcient vending operation e-lectroloc system puts your security frst. By easily installing a vending lock core into your T-handle, you will have removed the easiest entry point for thieves; the keyway. The e-lectroloc T-handle inner cylin- der has no key insertion or contact point that can be compromised. made of hardened and stainless steel, even the toughest criminals will be deterred from attempting access to your machine. The e-lectroloc system doesn't stop with the machine. The true beneft of the system lies in th e-lec- trosoft™ software, the Smart man- agement Tool. Revalidation The act of setting a time-out sched- ule for keys, requiring key holders to reconnect in order to grant access to a machine. revalidation provides an added layer of security, limiting exposure to potential loss due to theft or the actions of disgruntled employees. Smart Control access to every lock is controlled by the e-lectroloc system's smart key. When the key connects with the lock it identifes access privileges and activates patented technology to open the lock. no key to insert into a lock and no key rotation is required for the lock to operate. one of the key's important benefts is its time-out feature, which allows the user to establish pre-determined operating times or to render the key inoperable. The feature is especially useful for dealing with lost or stolen keys and for managing keys given to third-party operators. The e-lectrosoft™ system not only manages the keys and benefts listed above, but provides a comprehensive database providing audit trail docu- ments. it allows you to control and manage access centrally, giving you the fexibility to assign, program and re-program keys to locks in as many territories and routes as you need. This will be the last lock you need to purchase. Contact Highfeld Manufacturing Co. today to learn about the advantages e-lectroloc can offer your company. Smart. Solid. Secure. e-lectroloc Programmable Locking System The Solution for Your Defense RevaliDaTion allows users to set time-out schedules for keys, requiring key holders to reconnect in order to grant access to a machine. the inner cylinder can be easily installed in every vending t-handle. 24 automatic merchandiser august 2015

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