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AUG 2015

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based on transaction history. "Cus- tomers are identifed by the operator, and the buying habits and preferences are important to the operator's sup- pliers, and therefore valuable to the operator," said Loparco. "Customer loyalty is one of the biggest advantages to offering pre- paid cards," said Kevin Galaida, VP of business development at Breakroom Provisions. "Operators can target pro- motions toward customers and that in turn lead to higher participation and repeat business in the market. There is a direct fnancial beneft for operators." Higher participation generally means higher sales, as well. "With micro market stored value accounts, we've seen a higher spend per trans- action than cash; up to 10 percent higher," said Joe Hessling, CEO of 365 Retail Markets. From credit to pre-pay How consumers are currently paying at micro markets is contingent on a variety of factors. "We see locations that are blue collar and/or a mixture of blue collar with some offce person- nel and these accounts typically take advantage of the market card because there may be a higher usage of cash loads in these accounts," Allahyar- Steiner said. "However, you walk into a white-collar location, or tech environment where you have younger generations, and they don't necessarily mind swiping their debit/credit card for small transactions." Hessling notes that in his expe- rience, credit/debit and stored value account purchases have been about even. "Transaction mix is pretty In some locations, consumers can access their market accounts through biometrics. '' In today's PCI compliant environ- ment, you cannot track transactions to an individual when they use their credit card, however, you can when they use a pre-paid card. '' Jim Mitchell, president of Company Kitchen 22 Automatic Merchandiser August 2015 M I C R O M A R K E T S E C U R I T Y

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