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OCT 2011

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SEL F C H E C K O U T distributors, bring new merchandis- ing expertise to the table. At grocery stores, 65 percent of U.S. consumers consider a self checkout kiosk important and a stunning 80 percent of consumers 18 to 24 years old view all technol- ogy as an important factor in their shopping experience. Right now, grocery stores are doing more than any other retail channel to enhance self checkout's capabilities, and it's important for vending operators to know what they are doing. There is nothing that supermarkets are doing with self checkout that vending opera- tors won't be able to do. And they may even be able to do it better. Grocery stores are concentrating on promotions to encourage con- sumers to increase their purchases. One approach to this "buy more Steve Foley, president of Foley Food & Vending Co., based in Norwood, Mass., has been able to market many popular, high priced products in self checkout markets. strategy" is the promotion of "build- a-meal" – arranging a chicken breast, bagged salad, beverage and dessert for a $10 price. The SCVM operator should Cashless Vending Self Check Out Plus MICROTRONIC MARKET PREPAID CARDS CASH / CREDIT PANTRY KIOSKS VENDING MACHINES follow the example of the grocery stores' "build-a-meal" and combine fresh food, a snack, bever- age, and des- sert to increase the consumer transaction dollar. The kiosk system the operator selects should have the database for the opera- tor to track the consumer/ dollar/transac- tion and to develop loyalty programs to achieve a minimum $5 transaction level. What vend- MICROTRONIC US cashless systems 24 Ph: 1-800-879-3586 Automatic Merchandiser October 2011 ing operators are learning is they can- not run the SCVMs the same way they operate their vending machines. In providing SCVMs to your locations, you should consider selecting a kiosk system you can work with to provide your consum- ers with a new experience. You can check on YouTube and observe the various kiosk systems in action. To make the SCVMs work as a "restaurant," not a vending machine, requires addressing the issues raised in this article. For more information, contact: 365 Retail Markets, 888-365-7382, Avanti Markets, 877-242-5851, Breakroom Provisions Co., 888-282-0689, Microtronic US, 800-879-3586, ABOUT THE AUTHOR Allen Weintraub operates Vending Consultants Co., providing research and consulting services for product manufacturers, technology companies, self checkout and individual vending operators. He can be reached at: 333 Mamaroneck Ave. #239, White Plains, NY 10605, phone: 914-287-0095; email: HA VE IT ALL!

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