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OCT 2011

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SEL F C H E C K O U T fountain products that should be able to integrate with a kiosk. Milk and ice cream are another area that demand attention. In every geographic area, there are well known local dairies that provide milk and ice cream. COFFEE: 25 TO 40 PERCENT OF TOTAL Finally, the SCVM system must track all OCS consumption or sales. OCS consumption/sales at a kiosk location can be in the range of 25 percent to 40 percent of total kiosk sales. SCVM operators must integrate their OCS brewer with the kiosk software. If coffee is provided free to the employees by the location, the kiosk system should be able to track consumption. By tracking coffee consumption, the operator can send a quarterly email showing the value each employee receives from the loca- tion from free coffee. Beyond free coffee, the operator can also place units like the Tassimo that can offer premium coffee which the consumer can elect to pay for. More importantly, if the consumer pays for the coffee, the kiosk should integrate the sales from the coffee equipment to the kiosk application so payment can be made using a UPC label instead of by pushing icons on the video touch screen. This has been a prob- lem in some instances, but SCVM system providers have addressed it. SOURCING BRINGS CHALLENGES By now, it is clear that product selection and sourcing becomes a major part of success with SCVMs. This can be viewed as a negative, a positive, or both. I view it as a positive since it allows the operator to seek the best possible values to provide the best possible service. Rebates are an issue. There are many great products out there that What do we call these markets? Automatic Merchandiser recently conducted an informal poll of self checkout market operators on what generic term best describes the markets. Operators were asked to select from the following terms: self checkout market, self checkout vending market, micro market, unat- tended retail, unattended market, unattended retail market, quick scan market, quick scan vending market, and "other." The poll found a wide disparity among the terms operators prefer. Allen Weintraub prefers the term "self checkout vending market" because the self checkout system in a vending location has no on-site personnel, as is often the case in other retail sites with self checkout. may or may not qualify for manu- facturer rebates. Operators need to consider rebates, but I am in the camp that believes vending operators never should base their buying decisions on rebates. If operators want to be professional merchandisers, they must make product selections based on what consumers want. On the positive side, some of the purchasing sources out there, such as convenience store product C ONT INUED ▶ [[[ VIXEMPQEVOIXW GSQ October 2011 Automatic Merchandiser 23

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