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OCT 2011

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SEL F C H E C K O U T kiosk operator who offered a wider diversity of products, especially fresh food selections. FOOD SELECTIONS ARE VITAL Vending operators, who tradition- ally view fresh food as a burden, must become more innovative with food when introducing a kiosk and think of themselves as restaurant operators. Fresh food is not the only area where opera- tors must think more critically about what products they use in SCVMs, but it is the most impor- tant category since it's the area that allows an operator to distin- guish himself or herself from the competition, and at the same time become a meal destination. Have you seen what drug stores are doing with fresh food lately? I'm as picky as anyone when it comes IF operators want to be profes- sional merchandisers, they must make product selections based on what customers want. Be a part of the Avanti Market revolution! AVANTI'S SUCCESS OVER TRADITIONAL VENDING: • Average 100% increase in sales • Eliminate nearly all service calls • Collect sales tax and bottle deposits • Lower labor costs • No coin mechanisms • Non-traditional pricing options to fresh food, and what I see at my local CVS store blows my mind. Supermarket News recently reported that drug stores are growing food sales faster than supermarkets. Some vending operators have commented that the SCVM allows them to get back into the food busi- ness since the demise of the food machine began several years ago with the ebbing of big manufactur- ing accounts. The operator must solicit food requests from the consumers. If an operator does not have a commissary, he should seek a local foodser- vice provider. If fresh food sales are less than 30 percent of the units and dol- lars, you may be in jeopardy of losing the account to a competitor. Pastry also Since January of 2010, Avanti Markets has been the micro-market industry leader in providing a convenience store solution to almost any workplace for all of its customers nationwide. 22 Call us now at 1.888.937.2826 or visit Automatic Merchandiser October 2011 requires a new approach. Operators should look for a bakery to provide pastry and baked goods. Instead of just a wrapped muffi n, how about a muffi n with a pad of butter and jelly and plastic knife wrapped in a paper plate? Cupcakes are also a growing prod- uct line, such as seasonal cupcakes for Halloween, Christmas and St. Valentine's Day. CANDY AND SNACKS: MORE VARIETY Snack and candy products also present opportunities. An opera- tor should meet with their snack and candy manufacturers to deter- mine what additional single-serve products such as premium size products are available. Diverse single-serve products such as those sold in convenience stores will be critical to the success of the kiosk locations. Higher prices mean higher profi ts. COLD DRINKS: MORE VARIETY Cold beverages constitute another 30 percent to 35 percent of unit and dollar kiosk sales. An operator must provide a full range of beverages, not limited as in the case of many vending sites which rely on bot- tler equipment. Moreover, research shows that consumers are inter- ested in purchasing non-carbonated and specialty beverages at higher price points and greater profi tabil- ity, instead of the standard carbon- ated beverages. Another important consider- ation: is it time to consider fountain beverage service at these locations? Those of you who have paid atten- tion know there are some exciting

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